Our Mission

Deco Design Walls purpose is to portray art in home's surroundings. "Art is timeless” is how our slogan goes. We not only look to decorate homes, but we also want to depict memorable art pieces in our customer's environments.

To accomplish this we offer not only the most exclusive products but also a combination that gives any professional absolute creative freedom not limited by any pre-established model.

Moreover, it would be pointless using the most exclusive materials if there is no technical capacity to install/apply them correctly.

To this end Deco Design Walls has masters renown for their extensive international experience on each category.

Our masters teach courses for technicians and installers and also direct complex decoration projects. 

Our Vision

Deco Design Walls seeks to becoming the number #1 company in the United States and Europe in walls and floors surfaces and provide exclusive products for decoration.

Deco Design Walls is constantly searching for new materials and trends that facilitate the execution of creative tasks for decorators, designers and architects. We aspire that our website gets to be a potent tool for all professionals in this sector. 

Our Values

Deco Design Walls corporate values are our beliefs that guide our company: We are focused on the value of our work and our relationships, we think big, we are loyal to our customers, and we create bonds of trust with them.

We strive for excellence in performance, therefore, we give special importance to the education of technicians and installers by the creation of our own academy.